Are You Allergic to Condoms?

April 03, 2022 1 min read

Condom allergies can be quite more common than you might think. It could be more than just latex allergy. This could be due to additives such as spermicides and preservatives, proteins, or flavoring agents.

This could be an immediate or delayed reaction, such as after sex.

These are some signs to look for:

Local symptoms: Redness, Itching, Bumps, Bumps, Swellings, Hives, Rash, or itching around the area where the condom has been used.

Systemic symptoms include hives, itching, swelling, or itching all over the body, scratchy, watery eyes, flushing, running nose, difficulty breathing and chest tightness.

What can you do:

  • If you have anaphylaxis or hypersensitivity reaction, get emergency medical attention.
  • Avoid using the product or sex until the symptoms resolve.
  • Make sure to dry the area.
  • Consider other allergen-free contraceptive options. Discuss the options with your healthcare provider.
  • Avoid using cleaning products containing fragrances, flavors, or other agents that can worsen symptoms.
  • Consult a doctor immediately if symptoms persist or worsen.

Alternatives to Condoms

  • Contraceptive cap
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Contraceptive patch
  • Diaphragm
  • Condoms for women
  • Intrauterine device
  • Minipill
  • Natural family planning
  • Tubectomy
  • Vaginal ring