Are You Bored With Your Sex Life?

April 03, 2022 4 min read

You would have been eager to get into bed with your partner at the start of your relationship. Now? You have many other obligations and a few years have gone by, so sex doesn't seem as appealing as the latest episode of Bridgerton. Sex may feel like a routine, uninspired, or just a way to check off an item on a list.

You might be asking yourself if you are bored with your sex lives. This article will help you to identify if your sex life is lackingluster and give you some tips on what to do about it.

How do you know if your sex life is boring

First, how do you know if your sex life is boring? It is important to distinguish between boredom and lack of libido. Sometimes, boredom and diminished desire can overlap, but they are not the same thing! Your libido can fluctuate through your life. Stress, medication, excessive or insufficient exercise, and alcohol consumption can all cause libido fluctuations. You might notice a decrease in your enthusiasm for sex.

Boredom in bed can be a sign of lower libido. It could also mean you aren't interested in your routine sexually. Boredom can come in many forms: bored with your masturbation, bored with your partner, bored of certain roles, bored with your partner, bored with your sexual routine or with your partner. Are you having trouble determining if your sex life is boring? You might feel aversion to the familiar, not feeling excitement or even avoid sex.

Why is sex boring?

Have you seen the same movie 1,000 times and know exactly what happens? When it feels repetitive and lacks excitement, sex can become boring.

These are some reasons why sex can sometimes get boring.

  • You don't try new things
  • It's not difficult to know what you like or how to get your partner off.So sex is a race for the finish.
  • Only one person can initiate
  • Either you or your partner are keeping what you really want.
  • You don't prioritize sex
  • Or, the sexual chemistry between you and your partner is not right.

There are many ways to inject some spice back into sex.

How to get more Os than Zs

Get the sex toys

Now is a good time to start shopping for sex toys with your partner if you don't have any. Why's that? You can add excitement, sensation, or spark to your bedroom with sex toys. You can use it with a partner or explore the toy together. The use of sex toys can open doors to kink, fantasy, or other desires. If sex is dull or repetitive, they can add that extra something. Because they are designed for pleasure, sex toys can make orgasms feel completely different.

Talking about turn-ons

It may be worth having a conversation with your boyfriend about what you can do to make it more fun. This conversation can be had in bed with your partner, or at the kitchen table. Keep track of your partner and their turn-ons. An inventory helps people to remember what they should do and can be used as a reference point. Before you try them, it's a good idea to have a conversation about the turn-ons that are available for you both. The individual's turn-ons will vary, but they could look like this:

  • More foreplay
  • Talking dirty during sex
  • Partner who is more aggressive
  • If a partner is less submissive
  • Use a toy
  • If a partner initiates
  • Touching specific erogenous zones
  • Slapping, hair pulling, scratching
A sensual date without sexexpectations

Plan a date that is not sexually explicit to increase the spark in your bedroom. Although it might sound counterintuitive, there is a reason for this. For some, the pressure to have sex can cause major mood swings. It can be a great way for couples to rekindle their intimacy and unwind. It doesn't need to be complicated. You can do it as easy as unplugging your devices, lying on the ground together, caringssing or holding each other. It's great if sex happens! It doesn't have to happen, it's fine. Partnering up can help them reach their goals and tap into their desires.

Play a dirty video

You don't have any ideas for sex? Why not play a game of strip checkers or chess to get some inspiration. You have two options: you can either play chess, strip checkers or chess together or buy a deck of cards that will get you and your partner into the right mood. Dirty games may help you find the right position or body part to lick. Sexy games can inspire you to think of creative ways to have fun in bed.

The foreplay begins earlier in the day

An study in 2004 that looked at heterosexual couples' desire for intercourse and foreplay found that both men as well as women preferred longer foreplay. You don't need to have foreplay immediately before sex. It can be started earlier in the day. It might help to spend more time building anticipation for those who feel bored in bed. Before you come home from work, send a flirty text to your partner. Foreplay is not a starter and sex is the main dish. They are both equally nutritious!

We hope you find these tips helpful. According to Dorthy Parker, "The cure of boredom is curiosity."