Do you want to have more fun in your sexual life?

April 04, 2022 4 min read

We get it. Sometimes, the spark in sex can fade over time. You know what? It's an entirely normal and common experience. There are many reasons why sex can fade over time. We're going to talk about how to get more sex and have more fun.

Why sex is not fun anymore

First, there are many reasons why sex may not be as enjoyable. The fun of sex can be diminished by a variety of factors, including libido changes, medication such as anti-depressants, stress, obligations, and long-term relationships.

It is important to remember that although sex may seem less frequent, fade or be limited in frequency, there is still plenty of room for experimentation and learning. You can bring the fun back by learning a few tricks, even if you are dealing with stress and daily life.

10 ways to bring the joy back to bed

  1. Take a look around. Literally.

Plan a getaway vacation to have more fun with your partner if you want to make your sex life more enjoyable. Sometimes, a change of scenery and a departure from the traditional, sometimes even oppressive, schedule can help you have that extra something. Stress is a key factor in sex disruptions. Make sure you take the time to relax and unwind so you can be in the right mood.

  1. Assume you are a stranger

It's a classic roleplay, we know that, but it has its own charm! Sometimes, sex can feel forced or pre-planned for couples who have been together for a while. You might feel more free to express your true desires, rather than letting routines get in the way. This is also a great way to discover a different side of your partner. Before you start roleplaying, make sure to have a conversation about what you are and are not interested in. You'll be surprised at the results!

  1. Change your position

Routine sex exists for a reason. It's easy to know what is best for you, so stick with your top two spots for the evening. For inspiration, visit the Kama Sutra and discover a new way of getting it done.

  1. Mutual masturbation is a good idea

Mutual masturbation has two surprising benefits. Masturbation can increase your libido. Second, it can be very empowering to watch your partner touch themselves. Mutual masturbation can be used as part of foreplay or as a kinky roleplay.

  1. You can try a couple's vibe or toy

A sex toy can bring a lot of fun to your bedroom. One, sex toys are more likely to lead to orgasms. The excitement of sex toys can also be used to break up routine sex.

  1. Try kink or BDSM.

You can experiment with kink or BDSM in your relationships in a variety of ways. Power dynamics can be used to make one partner the dominant and the other the submissive. You can also use a scarf or tie to restrain yourself, either store-bought, or homemade. With impact play, a flogger or your hand, you can inflict some delicious punishment on your partner.

It is important to agree on what you will and won't do before you experiment with BDSM. Before, during, or after sex, make sure you check in with your partner. Also, ensure that they use body language to indicate their comfort. If you're flogging someone, and they respond by pulling away and constricting their muscles, this is an indication that you're using too much force. You can start slowly and then increase your force gradually. Start small and work your way up.

  1. You can read erotica and watch ethical porn together

Couples sometimes have trouble enjoying sex because they don't spend enough time foreplaying. Watching sexy porn or reading sexy stories can inspire new positions and sex acts. Talking with your friends about ethical porn can help you discover new ways to have fun.

  1. Enjoy a sweet treat

Foreplay and food make a powerful couple. When used in the bedroom, food can awaken the senses and stimulate the body. It's possible to enjoy sweet treats while driving your partner insane by eating it. You can also make out after eating a strawberry. Keep sugar out of your vagina. Honey, whipped cream and strawberries are all popular items you can bring into your bedroom.

  1. Take a couple to sex class

You can get hot sex at your local sex shop by taking a class on something you are interested in. There are still many things you can do, even if you feel like you know everything about sex. You might feel a little lost if you don’t view sex as something that you can expand your vocabulary about. Online courses can be found by sex coaches or educators that provide tips and tricks for sex. A sex class can spark conversations about shared fantasies. You may be surprised at what you and your partner discover.

  1. It's worth talking about

What's sexually enjoyable for you depends on your preferences and individual tastes. Sometimes all it takes to rekindle the flame is a conversation about next steps.

We hope you find the inspiration to get back into sex. Sex is about having fun and enjoying yourself.