How to have a prostate orgasm: Our guide to prostate milking for man.

April 11, 2022 10 min read

You might be able to prolong or intensify the pleasure of your male partner by prostate stimulation. You can, ladies and gentlemen.

These penile orgasms can be very intense. They are. However, men's pleasure is not the only thing that they can do. Another organ can be stimulated to produce full-body pleasures that are quite extraordinary and that can test the boundaries of what masculine pleasure can be.

Everyone, meet the prostate. It is a small, walnut-sized gland that creates part of the fluid that makes up semen. This gland is often called the "male G spot" because of the intense and unique style of climaxes it can produce.

We'll be covering the following:

  1. What's a Prostate Orgasm?
  2. Who is a man with a prostate?
  3. Prostate Orgasm: Who can do it?
  4. Where's your prostate?
  5. How to have an orgasm with your prostate
  6. How does a prostatic orgasm feel?
  7. How to use the prostate massager
  8. Prostate pro tips

You know everything about the prostate, but you need tips on how to stimulate it to have a prostate orgasm. Scroll down to the last section " How you can have a prostatic orgasm."

What is a Prostate Orgasm?

A form of prostatic stimulation or massage, a prostate orgasm is also known as "prostate milking". It can be very, really enjoyable and improve your prostate health.

Many men are able to have multiple intense orgasms, even without having to shed any semen, due to the fact that the prostate can orgasm in the absence of ejaculation. This can increase pleasure and help men keep up with their partners.

Who has a prostate

Anyone who has a penis can have a prostate. Some transgender and non-binary people have prostates. People with uteruses don't have prostates. The prostate is similar to the male G-spot in that it can access the most stimulation and how far it can be accessed.

Who can perform prostate orgasm?

Anyone who has a prostate

Anal play can be categorized as "gay men’s territory" but it is open to all prostates, regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status. It won't make your gay, any more than eating spaghetti will. Remember that the prostate is not a sexual orientation, but a gland.

Anyone of any gender, orientation or age can provide prostate stimulation to their partners.

Prostate stimulation is not something that older men do to keep their health in good shape, but it can be a fun thing no matter how old you are. The prostate isn't like Pharrell.

Where is your prostate located?

People often ask about the location of their prostate (or P-spot). Although it is not easily visible with the naked eye it can be found inside the body. It can be done in two ways.

1. Internally

The rectum is required to locate the prostate. The prostate is located about 3 to 4 inches above the rectum on the same side as the belly button. It is approximately one inch in width and has a texture similar to a soft walnut, or a ripe plum. The prostate is usually distinct from the rest of your rectum. This means that you will be able feel it even if someone is awake. The prostate swells with fluid and blood during arousal. This makes it more firm and visible.

2. Externally

External access to the prostate is less straightforward but can be used for those who aren’t ready for anal penetration. You can feel the firm bulge by pressing gently up on the perineum (the region between the anus & the testicles). You can communicate with your partner if you feel it not immediately. You can feel it through your perineum and stroke it with your fingers, or an outside toy.

How to have a prostatic orgasm

1. Communication and consent

Although many people think that prostate play is great, it is not something you should force on an uninformed partner. It is also not something the partner should be expecting. While we don't pretend to be experts on you, we can assume you wouldn't want anyone to just randomly poke a finger at your butt.

Ask them what they would like to see their prostate treated while you are at it. You might find your partner has some knowledge in this area, but it's possible that they have never done this before. It doesn't matter what your partner is doing, it's vital to understand their needs so that you can give the best possible touch.

If you are the one being penetrated in this scenario, let your partner know. Not everyone is a Prostate Pro(tm) so be open and honest about your feelings.

You can also skip this step if you don’t have a partner or are playing solo. Or, get your consent and have an intense internal dialogue about what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

This is cool, too.

2. Prep

[smdmc_products IDs="11775"' align="right") Relaxation is a big part of having a prostatic orgasm. It's important to know that you have taken all the necessary precautions so it can occur safely, comfortably, without any unwelcome mess.

You may also want to douse.

Some people have a special intuition about how clean their rectums are at any given moment. They don't necessarily need to do this step. However, many of us don't know if the coast is clear. A quick shave or household enema can help if you are unsure. You can then focus on what is going in the rectum and not what's out. You might feel the need to shower after this, but it's not necessary.

You can also make it more comfortable for everyone by trimming your fingernails. It doesn't matter if you are giving or receiving penetration. The skin around your anus can be sensitive and fragile. Keep your fingers clean and trim as you go about your explorations.

It is a good idea to keep some latex, paper towels, or nitrile gloves handy if you don't have a fluid-bonded partner.

3. Get warm

The ease with which the anus or rectum is at the time of penetration determines how much pleasure you get from your prostate. An individual who is anxious or uncomfortable tends to tighten their anal sphincter, which makes penetration painful. They are also more likely to feel less comfortable and their prostate will be less visible.

For the best chance of a prostate orgasm, it is important that the person being purged (and their anus!) are comfortable, relaxed, and easily aroused. Relaxation will make the prostate more sensitive and prominent. This is similar to the G-spot. The prostate works best when the person is already in it.

Warm up by giving your partner a sensual massage on the parts that you and they feel comfortable touching. It is a good idea to begin broad and play with other erogenous areas such as the necks, genitals, nipples and genitals before moving on to the buttocks. Next, use slow, steady grazes to massage the buttocks. If you prefer, you can also use a crop, paddle, hand, or crop to lightly spank your partner. This will increase circulation, which can help your partner relax. This shows your concern for their comfort and pleasure.

It's your warm up. To feel relaxed and energized, do whatever it takes. The simple act of asking your partner is a great way for you to know how to get your partner to feel relaxed and aroused before touching their prostate.

4. Lube, lube, and more lube

[smdmc_products ID="11212"' align="right") The anus, prostate, and rectum do not self-lubricate so it is up to you to play that role. Lubrication can be used for any type or penetrative anal play. It protects delicate tissues from tearing and provides a cushion to comfort. It makes it easier to insert something into your anus and remove it later.

Before you begin, make sure to apply a generous amount lubricant to the anus as well as to any other parts of the body that are being penetrated. To get lube closer to the prostate, you can use a "lube shoter", which is a tool that allows you to reach higher into the rectum.

5. It's possible!

The next step will depend on whether you are using a penis, fingers, or a toy to stimulate your prostate. However, it is best to insert the item slowly and stop when it is about 3 inches deep. If your item has a curving head, you should insert it in a way that the curve faces towards the navel. You can either fit the curve around your prostate naturally or apply pressure to it. You can adjust as needed.

If the curve of the item you are using is not right for you, you can move it until your partner or you feel the prostate. Use your fingers to curve the fingers in a "come/hither" motion and then feel for a bulge that is plump and ridged. This texture will be different from the rest of your rectum. This is the prostate. It was there. Great job.

You can do what you like from here! To get you started, you can use your fingers or a prostatic toy. Some people respond to a thrusting motion that moves in and out of the prostate. This allows for something to slip back and forth across it, but not necessarily targeting it. This is the best method for people who don't like direct pressure or just love the sensation of anal penetration.

Some prefer a more direct touch. Some people enjoy having their partners massage their prostates with their fingers, using small circles or a "come here" motion. Some prefer to use their kegel muscles to massage their prostate, using small circles or a "come hither" motion. Proctologists suggest that people also do this with toys for prostate health.

The prostate responds well to repetitive, firm pressure. It almost feels like you are coaxing the navel towards your chest. Because everyone is different, communicate with your partner or yourself about how hard it should be. You can experiment with different touch sensations until you find the right one. There is no one right way to stimulate the prostate. It all depends on what the prostate owner finds most thrilling.

Keep going with stimulation that feels good, until you climax. Here is a list of top prostate toys.

But pleasure is just one benefit to prostate play. Massaging the area and stimulating it regularly can flush out the prostate and increase blood flow to the pelvic floor. It also helps strengthen the pelvic muscles. This can help reduce impotence and prevent prostate cancer. Prostate massage, also known as "prostate milking," is what many doctors recommend to their patients to maintain their health and function.

Let's not get into the details about proctologists. Let's return to the pleasure. The most interesting aspect of prostates is their ability to have multiple orgasms. They don't have to go through the same refractory period as men who stop them from orgasming. Prostate orgasms are not limited by ejaculation. This phenomenon is known as "dry orgasm".

They can go all night, in layman's terms.

A prostate orgasm is something that anyone can experience, but most men have never had one. We created this prostate-palooza to help you start.

What does a prostate Orgasm feel like?

There are many answers to this question, as each person is unique. Many men describe prostate pleasure as the beginning of an "orgasm", when the sensation is just starting to peak and then they reach a point of no returns. This sensation is more intense, longer-lasting, and can be felt all over the body with prostate orgasms. Many people find that they can make the sensation last as long they like, even if there is no ejaculation.

The quality of orgasm is different between the penis or prostate, just as the quality orgasm can differ between G-spot and clitoris. Although it might be accompanied by a penile orgasm, it doesn't feel like one. It's a unique, exciting sensation that is very different from other penile orgasms. It can be empowering for many to feel that they are able to experience sexual pleasure from multiple erogenous zones.

However, we don't claim to have experienced one. Let's listen to some people who have.

"I find that I am just overwhelmed by the power of orgasm. Although it's not much better per se, it's a lot more powerful. It's like I'm out of breath and trembling after it happens. It was as if my entire energy had been taken out and converted into an insane orgasm. P-spot is the best. Although it doesn't replace regular orgasms, it can be a nice treat every now and again."
Source: Rooster Magazine

They are simply amazing! You feel like you are at the edge of orgasm. But you don't explode until the pleasure takes over. It can be hard to have a prostate orgasm all by yourself. It's easy to focus on the thrusts and not the incredible pleasure. It is much more enjoyable to be able to just sit back and enjoy the feeling with your partner, rather than focusing on the thrusts.

It feels great to know I can do things in many different ways. It's something I have always envied the ability of women to do, so to be able to see my own male G-spot has been a very enlightening, and thrilling experience. Is "liberated" the right word?
Source: Ella Paradis anonymous employee

How to use a prostatic massager

You can buy a prostatic massage toy if you don't have someone to milk your prostate with or your fingers aren't working.

Although an insert into the anus may technically stimulate the prostate's growth, most prostate-specific massagers fit comfortably around it or can be used directly on the prostate. Many are either angled or curved. It is easier to find the prostate and massage it directly than the larger area it occupies. A flared handle or base on prostate massagers prevents it from being pushed up too high and makes it easy for you to adjust and take it out.

Follow the above guidelines for lubrication and relaxation when using your toy. Once you are ready, apply a generous amount lubricant to your toy. Next, insert the toy slowly, with the curve facing towards the navel. The toy should feel secure and you should feel a sensation of "fitting" the toy.

Great. You have two options.

First, stimulate your senses by moving the toy manually in any way that feels good to you.

The other option is more hands-free. Once the toy is in its place, you can begin to clench and unclench your kegel muscles. The toy will begin to move around, vibrating the prostate. The toy may rock gently if it is thinner.

This can be done for as long as you want! Numerous prostate massagers can be worn discreetly for hours.

You can combine this technique at home with your hands, mouths and vaginas. You and your prostate will feel better and healthier if you have more blood flow and stimulation.

Prostate pro tips

  1. Consider what kind of stimulation or pressure you would like to feel if you have a G spot. Because the prostate and G spot are similar structures, it is likely that what feels good for yourself will also feel good for your partner. However, make sure you communicate with them to confirm this.
  2. Kegel muscles! They are everywhere. They help us regulate urination and genital blood flow. They also aid in orgasm by producing waves of pleasure contractions that stimulate the nerves throughout the pelvic floor. You can increase the circulation to your prostate and genitals by strengthening your kegel muscles.This can lead to stronger and longer-lasting orgasms.
  3. While some people love prostate stimulation by itself, others enjoy it when their penis can be stimulated simultaneously. It's easy to combine prostate stimulation with oral sex, penetration sex, or strokes from a glove or hand to make sure all the spots are being hit.
  4. You might be applying too much pressure if the receiver suddenly feels the need to urinate. It might feel more comfortable if you slow down, unless they are enjoying the sensation.
  5. Some people don't feel the need to lubricate or arouse their prostate even if they've done everything right. Some people can feel it fine, but they don't always enjoy it. Both reactions are perfectly normal. It is not for everyone. Prostate play can take some time to feel optimal. It will feel better the more you experiment. You might find that nothing is working for you. Try changing your position, the toys you use, or the partner with whom you are doing it.