Is it safe to use adult sex toys while pregnant?

April 15, 2022 1 min read

This one is for you Better Love Fam! With all your extra hormones and increased libidos, are you wondering if sex toys could be used during pregnancy? The short answer is yes!

We have to be extra cautious, however, because there is a whole person living inside you. Before and after every use, clean your vibrator. For convenience, try our Ella Paradis Single Use Individual Packaged Toy Cleaning Wipes Clean them after each use, or when you change to another body part. You can read our blog How To Clean and Store Your Sex Toys.

Listen to your body. You can try a different lube (check out the Spark Menthol), or use a different position. Check out our blog Which Sex Toy Cleaner is Safest for Women? It's not easy to be pregnant.

If your doctor recommends that you avoid penetrative sex, vibrators can be an excellent alternative. The vibrators are primarily clitoral and do not penetrate. However, you might want to talk with your doctor before you use one. You have the following risks: pre-term labor, pain, cramps, bleeding, or leaking amniotic fluids. How can I get an infection from my sex toy?