What should you buy for your first sex toy?

March 31, 2022 4 min read

You have arrived at the right place. This is the first step to choosing your new sex partner. Since a decade ago, there were only a few options. There are now sex toys for every sensation you can imagine.

More people are using sex toys than ever before. The pandemic caused sex toys sales to soar. A survey showed that 43% of couples used sex toys more often. Survey results showed that vibrators, dildos and male strokers were the most popular sex toys. Singles also bought more toys during the pandemic. It's clear that sex toys can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter if you are doing it alone or with your partner. Sex toys can be used for self-exploration and paired sex.

You're not alone if you don't know where to start. This guide will help you choose the right starter toys for your first sexy toy. There have been many toys featured on television and in films over the years. Perhaps the famous Sex and the City rabbit vibrator scene with Charlotte rings a bell. Maybe close friends have told you how impressed they are with their new toy. How do you determine if this toy is right for you? Let's get started!

The Most Common Toys

A quick overview of the most popular sex toys is a good place to start when shopping for your first toy. The most common sex toys are vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. There is also a variety of BDSM gear.

In sex shops, there were only a handful of vibrators available in years past. There are now countless options for vibrators and they can be found at almost every place, even the grocery store. There are many options for rabbit vibrators. They have dual stimulation, meaning that one ends fits into the vaginal canal and the other stimulates your clitoris.

Magic Wands are a tennis-ball-shaped device that can be used to stimulate the external environment. Bullet vibes are small, so they can be worn in a harness for pegging and dildo. You can even find vibrators that look like lipstick so you can keep them discreetly in your purse for whenever you need them.

Dildos can be worn manually. They can be used with a harness, or for vaginal or anal penetration. There are many dildos. Some look like real penises while others don't. Your personal preference will determine which dildo you choose. Start small if you are new to penetration.

Butt plugs are just like dildos. They come in many sizes and shapes. A butt plug's most distinctive feature is the wide, disc-shaped stopper at its end. This prevents it from becoming lost in the rectum. You can start with a smaller option to get used to the feeling of anal penetration. Always use plenty of lube with anal toys as the anus does not naturally lubricate itself.

Cock rings are worn around the base and penis of the penis. They can be used to restrict blood flow and promote stronger and longer erections. Tip: If you are using cock rings for penetration, make sure to choose one that vibrates! They can also feel great for a partner.

If you are new to BDSM, or don't know where to begin, think about the sensations you would like to experience, or the feelings you want to share with a partner (with their permission, of course). BDSM toys offer two sensations that are most commonly used: impact and restraint toys. You can use impact toys to make crops, floggers and paddles. Handcuffs, ropes, under-the bed restraints or body-safe tape are all options for restraints.


There are some materials that are more safe than others for sex toys. To ensure that toys are clean and safe for your body, choose non-porous materials. Safety ingredients are important when shopping at the grocery store. Body-safe materials also matter for what you put inside your genitals.

Review and Pricing Considerations

You can also look at reviews about sex toys, just as you would read reviews before you decide to eat there. A sex blogger is responsible for describing every aspect of a toy. This includes how intense it is, how cute it is, and how much orgasm it produces.

If price is an issue, check out a few websites to see the average cost of toys. You want to use the highest quality materials for anything that comes in contact with sensitive areas. It's not always the best choice to go with the cheapest.

Another reminder: Another important reminder? It is worth spending a lot on toys that are well-reviewed, have sensations you like, and are made of the finest materials.

Here are some questions to help you choose the right toy for your first sex toy

Are there a few things in your cart you want to reduce? These questions might help you make a decision about what to buy.

  • What toy is most intriguing?
  • Is this something you will do alone or with a partner. Is it something you and your partner are interested in?
  • What has your heart always desired that you haven't tried?
  • What feelings do you feel good? Is the toy that you are choosing offering this sensation?

You can always buy more toys in the future. The beauty of sexuality lies in its ability to evolve. There are always new toys for you to suit your needs, even if you have changed your sexual preferences.